How to Disable Google Doodle on Google Chrome New Tab Page

By default Google Chrome will show Google Doodle on its New Tab Page. It is OK for me if Google wants to push some of its ideology to users by using Google Doodle, but recently I found Google goes too far by starting using animation-based Doodle, which is very annoying: Every time I open a new tab, I can not stop paying some attentions to the animated doodle, which is a constant distraction. To add insults to hurts, Google removed the old chrome flag which can disables Doodle on NTP. I really can not understand why Google does this other than being arrogant to its users.

After suffering from the animated Doodle for while, I decided to search for a solution. And eventually I found the –google-doodle-url flag on this page, which you can use if you start Google Chrome from a terminal and tell it to only use a static Google Doodle. For example, on my Macbook, I can run the following command from a terminal:

/Applications/Google\\ Chrome \

and no longer see the animated Doodle. Vola!

Hopefully Google’s won’t take this away again, otherwise we have to switch to Firefox completely.