The Art of Piano Fingering: Traditional, Advanced, and Innovative is very useful book

During the Covid 19, I have to give up my ping pong play since it is impossible to find partners any more.  It did not take me long to decide to pick up piano as the next activity, since I have a piano right at home. After some basic scales practice and childish songs, I decided to start to try some more adult-style songs since it is really hard to keep motivated if I keep playing those naive songs. Anyway, first I picked a well-known song The Moon Represents My Heart, and it took me a few weeks to be able to play it by heart without making any mistakes (but not always be able to do so), then I picked a new song The main theme from XuanYuan Sword:The Scar of the Sky, although this one looks only a little bit harder than the previous one, but it proves beyond me: I practiced for a few weeks, but only finished the  one third, and never be able to play even this one third part without any mistakes: some part are just too hard to play, let along the fact many part are played in a quite hasty way, and music produced by me also sounds poor.

Only at this occasion, it occurred to me that I need some help instead of just keep trying by myself, not just some music theory, but some more practical guide about playing piano. Very fortunately, I found the book The Art of Piano Fingering: Traditional, Advanced, and Innovative, which focuses on fingers arrangement in piano play. It has a lot of simple but very effective advice for how to arrange fingers for various music pieces, from simple scales, triads, to arpeggios which spans more than 1 octave. By applying these advice to my piano, I can play the  The Moon Represents My Heart with more confidence and easier hand moves, and got some new ideas about how to play The main theme from XuanYuan Sword:The Scar of the Sky. Hopefully in the next a few weeks, I can really master this song and I am looking forward to that day. 🙂

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BTW I am thinking about getting a digital piano cuz I seem to be driving Yeti crazy soooooo yea abut dat anyways i should rlly start to apply the pedal more cus life would just be so much easier ok thats it yeti out baiiiii :))) :PP